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: Celllabs
    The Upgraded Formula For Celllabs Sheep Placenta With Grape Seed Oil Plus (Formerly Known As 15000Mg), Containing State-Of-The-Art Enteric Coated Capsules With A Blend Of Powerful 6 Times Anti-Oxidants To Create The Perfect Cellular Rejuvenating Oral Supplement That Shows Promising Result In Fighting Against Premature And Chronological Ageing.
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Opal is one of the most spectacular gemstones. a single stone can flash every colour of the spectrum with an intensity & quality of colour that can surpass the "fire" of the diamond. the best opals can command prices per carat that rival the most expensive diamonds, rubies & emeralds. the mines of australia product at least 90% of the world precious opal.with the breakthrough technology being employ to extract the frozen dry pure sheep placenta to retain the precious nutrients, celllabs opal gs sheep placenta 15000mg is resembled the valuable opal gemstone, nourishing yet extravagance.the upgraded formula of celllabs sheep placenta with grape seed oil plus (formerly known as 15000mg), containing state of the art enteric coated capsules with a blend of powerful 6 times anti-oxidants to create the perfect cellular rejuvenating oral supplement that shows promising result in fighting against premature and chronological ingredients:ingredients weight per. cap ovine placenta concentrate (120:1) (equivalent to placenta fresh 15,000mg) 125mg.olive fruit extract (300:1) 50mg.grape seed oil 200mg.haematococcus pluvialis powder (equivalent to astaxanthin: 2mg) 57.14mg.pine bark extract (60:1) 100mg.sodium hyaluronate (equivalent to hyaluronic acid: 20mg) 22.39mg.lycopene 4mg .

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