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: Pnkids
    Silence Anti Snoring Throat Spray Is Act Directly In The Main Cause Of The Throat Tissue.  .Silence Did Help To Quiet Snoring, But That Does Not Necessarily Mean It Kept Anyone From Snoring.
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: RM 75.30 : RM 77.55

Description:fast action. silence is an anti-snoring spray that acts on the throat tissues, the main source of snoring, from the moment of application.silence is long lasting and remains active while you sleep due to its bioadhesive formula.silence has a pleasant mint flavour.provides approximately one month of usage.benefits.the main benefit of this solution is that it is very simple to use. you just spray it on the back of your throat and swallow. once you do this it coats your throat and then you’re ready to go.the other big benefit of this solution is that it helps to keep you from snoring so loud, whether it prevents you from snoring or not.

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