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: Biogreen
    Biogreen Bg100 Oat Bran Powder Is Made From 100% Certified Organic Oat Bran From Finland. Only 2 Scoops A Day To Provide 3.1G Beta- Glucan Which Help To Reduce Cholesterol Level And This Has Been Clinically Proven.
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Help to reduce blood cholesterol levelbeta-glucan acts as a sponge in intestine and soaking up excess bad cholesterol and removing it from our body, thus help to maintain a healthy cholesterol level and lowering the risk of cardiovascular disease and to manage blood glucose levelhigh dietary fibre (27%) helps to reduce and delay the uptake of carbohydrate from intestine, and reduce blood glucose levels spike after to control blood pressurehigh blood pressure is always link with high cholesterol level. beta-glucan lowers blood pressure due to its blood lipid-lowering in weight managementbeta-glucan prolong the satiety feel, reduces the amount of meals to prevent colon cancerbeta-glucan stimulates bowel movement, its stickiness moisturizes the intestine and absorb excess waste in intestinal, reduces the contact of pathogenic factor with intestinal to prevent intestinal disease /disorderbeta-glucan acts as prebiotic to promote the proliferation of beneficial bacteria and suppress the growth of harmful bacteria in intestinalhelps to regulate and detoxify intestine to ease constipation to improve immune systembeta-glucan activate immune cells in the body and increase to improve skin complexiondetoxification helps to regulate and improve skin complexionbeta-glucan induce immune cells in the skin and stimulate renewal of skin cells

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