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: Biogreen
    Helps To Maintain Normal Body Functions.Normalises Body Cell Functions & Improves Memory Power.
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Good to reward your 5 principle internal organs with biogreen prebalance powder, it makes your life with colourful.5 colour foods to vitalize 5 principle organs in our body. red (organic carrot) for heart, green (seaweeds) for liver, yellow (soy lecithin, brewer yeast, wheat germ) for stomach and intestines, white (white sesame) to strengthen lungs and black (black sesame) for kidneys. contain variety of vitamins and fibre.ingredients:soy lecithin (non gmo), brewer yeast (from beet molasses, universal foods corporation, usa), wheat germ, black sesame, white sesame, organic carrot, seaweedbenefits:soy lecithin helps to normalize body cell function, improves memory power, reduces cholesterol and control blood sugar level. beetroot molasses brewer yeast is good source of vitamin b1, b2, b6, b12, minerals and plant protein while wheat germ is good source of vitamin b, e and fibre. the basic and necessary nutrients required for the practice of organic diet.recommended for:best for growing children, pregnant women and aged people.

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